Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dr. freeland ackley

you read it right friends!!! Im so excited to finally post this .. Freeland is officially going to be a Doctor!!

For those who dont know, the last few weeks we have been waiting to hear back from the med school in Erie. Since Freeland is gone when the mail comes now, I have received an email every night saying "did anything come in the mail yet?" And everyday passed with nothing in the mail. (no news is good new right?) Until yesterday! Along with our Patagonia order & some cigars he ordered.. a letter came in the mail! So this is what I told him:

Freeland: soo.. did we get any mail today?
Brooke: Yep Little Muffin Wuffin Sugar Bear! We got some really exciting mail today!
Freeland: what was it?
Brooke: Thats it? No "really pumkin wumkin lovkins?"
Brooke: (okay I made that up) we didnt use names
Freeland: what came in the mail today?'
Brooke: Oh just our Patagonia order & your cigars.
Freeland: no letter?
Brooke: not today. but Im sure it will come tomorrow (wink, wink)
Freeland: well lets still celebrate the Patagonina stuff getting here & the cigars
Brooke: Sounds great! I will bust out the wine!

It was the perfect set up! He had no idea the letter came .. but still wanted to celebrate when he got home from work! For the record, we arent that crazy - we were celebrating more than just the Patagonia stuff getting here (work stuff that Ive learned from others you dont always blog about). Although we probably still would have celebrated just the Patagonia stuff because thats how we roll. Here are some of the pictures showing how all the events played out:

This is Sam alerting me that the mail was here. {really I thought it was cute how she was sitting in-between the blinds and was perched on the window seal so I went to take a picture.. as I did that is when the mail came} Here is where I chilled the wine. I pulled out our wine from the TCV Winery we went to last week to celebrate.. Here is how I tricked my husband: I knew the first thing he would do when he got home was check the stack of mail.. so I secretly placed the letter into the box with his cigars.. all without opening the box so that he would have NO idea & still believe his letter hadnt arrived yet... yes people. I am that good. (or atleast I like to believe I am)
Then I stacked all the mail beautifully on top of the boxes so he wouldnt think anything was going on... This was while I was still waiting for him to get home. I took it so he had proof of how "sneaky" I was. I was just a little bit too excited for him to get home.

So, I was right.. the first thing he did when he got home was check the stack of mail. I thought after that he would at least sit down for a second or go get the wine before he ripped into the boxes - but he threw me for a loop when he went straight for his cigars next.
I quickly went "wait - dont you just want to chillax for a second or something?" Well, he didnt - He wanted to see if his cigars were the right ones.
So I go "Stop - let me get the camera" {in my head thinking .. "think quick Brooke. Why would you take pictures of him opening his cigars? He is going to know.. oh okay.. got it - 'Wait, Freeland, I want to take pictures since this was supposed to be a birthday gift for you also." He responded by saying - "it was? okay" Well, it wasnt really part of his birthday gift - but he believed me right?
So here he is opening the box with no idea what is in it:
Here is where Freeland saw the letter!! He just smiled & laughed! I was jumping up and down that it actually worked and I got to surprise him.. if you cant tell its my favorite thing to do. "Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that..." Yes - I made him take this picture. But he was still wearing his scrubs from work so I felt like it was appropriate.
Well, thats the big exciting news that we have! {along with exactly how it all happened!} Were moving to Erie, PA and Freeland is going to be a Doctor! Im so excited & proud of Freeland! I love that he is doing what he knows he wants to do & is passionate about and I love that he worked so hard to get where he is today!

I am also soo excited that we get to live near Adam & Camille again!!! Obviously, because we love them! And it will be so nice to have people we know & love where we are moving.. especially since its so far up north! I am also so thankful that there will be another wife there with me while Freeland is busy cramming for finals and what not.

We are both relieved and anxious about everything. Freeland - mostly about the deposit he has to give them by the 4th.. Me - mostly about packing & moving across the country. Thank you for all your prayers, support, and encouragement! We'll keep you posted as we know more details. The End.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! I remember the days of waiting for the mail to come each day to find out where we were going to go. Way to be so sneaky, I never could do that. Good luck with everything!

  2. Congrats. Erie is a nice place to live......I spent many years there. Our son was actually accepted into the LECOM & Gannon 2+3 Pharmacy Program for 2007 but declined to go elsewhere. Good school and nice area.

  3. 1. You are the cutest and sweetest wife ever! I was reading the entire thing in anticipation of his reaction to your surprise!
    2. CONGRATULATIONS to Freeland and to you both on the big news of where you'll live!! I know you've been anxiously awaiting it.
    Now if you can just help keep me sane until our news in June. How have you been so calm & patient!?

  4. You're such a great wife to surprise him like that! So sweet! Congrats to y'all on a new and exciting venture up north. Stay warm!

  5. Congrats, to Freeland!!! This is Rusty Buck. I know this dream has been a long time in the making, and I know that you will love it.

  6. Just realized that you are going to an osteopathic school. I am in my first year at the DO school in Tulsa and I absolutly love it! Good choice by you and by them.

  7. I grew up in Erie and loved living there. It is a great area as there is a ton to do outside. Ever had a pepperoni ball? You will find the best in Erie!

  8. Congrats! Way to go on "wife of the year", Brooke! Maybe patagonia will mail you something FREE for your awesome wifey award:)
    Hope you like the "layered look" because I hear it's a little cool up there!

  9. Yeah! Congrats to Freeland! And Brooke, welcome to the crazy world of a med student's wife. It's an amazing journey and God will surely teach you both all sorts of things.
    And yippee for the climate change! Having four seasons is wonderful.

  10. Congrats to Freeland--and to you for pulling off the surprise! How exciting for you guys!