Tuesday, February 26, 2008

d town, babies, besties, and birthdays

Well, I wanted to post this earlier but for some reason blogger wasnt working. Last week was the Nana's birthday - so over the weekend I went to Dallas to celebrate! It was my first trip back to Dallas since Christmas! Which is insane to me! I feel like Freeland & I used to go to Dallas every other weekend last year {weddings much?!}

I drove up Saturday morning to go to Blair Mirabito's {formerly known as Blair White} baby shower. Blair and Chris are a part of the team in Tunisia.. And what do you know.. she ended up having a little nugget {baby} while she was there. Random fact: Jakin's birthday was supposed to be the day of our wedding {Sept. 22} which I thought was perfect but he decided he couldn't wait that long & wanted to meet the world in August :) But at least that allowed Dannette to come to our wedding .. so its a fair trade!

Blair & Chris have been home on their furlough for the last few months so all the mom's got together and threw her a baby shower since she didn't have one in Tunisia. It was so fun and actually a great idea because now she will have everything she needs for when he turns 1! Blair is a great mommy and makes it look so natural & easy! Here are some pictures from the shower:

Dannette telling everyone what it was like to be in Tunisia with Blair when she had little Jakin. Lets just summarize and say its nothing like America and the Lamaze breathing didnt work to well for Blair :)
Then after the shower I went to run errands. {you cant go to Dallas and not run errands} and had dinner with my Mom & Mark at a new little restaurant in Little Elm called Prince Bistro. Later that night I went and hung out with the besties! {Meagan, Crystal, Amber & Rachie - for a second since she was out of town} Conveniently they all live together so it makes it easy to see them all! It was so nice and refreshing to just sit and do nothing but have girl time with them! Im incredibly thankful for such amazing friends! Sadly, I didnt take pictures so here are some old school pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Sunday I went & had brunch with Richmond. I love getting to catch up with her while Im in Dallas. Richmond & I became great friends the summer before my senior year in college and Im so thankful that we did! She has been incredibly faithful and so consistent in my life! So it was so nice to have breakfast together and I got to hear all about her mission trip with The Village Church. Again, I didnt take any pictures so here is one from when she came to waco to visit last year:
And after that I headed to celebrate my nana's birthday! We went to MiMi's Cafe {amazing muffins if you ever go}. I was thankful that I was able to come and celebrate. Some of the family birthdays I have had to miss so it was nice being there this time. Especially since Freeland & I will be moving so far away .. I want to try to spend as much time as possible with everyone before we leave. {hint hint people - come visit me}Here are some pictures from lunch & the birthday shenanigans:
Opening the gifts:

My Pop - He's Precious:

Mother & Daughter:

Lovey Dovey:

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