Tuesday, February 26, 2008

blurbs the word

I was looking back through our blog and realized I talk about our house, freeland, and myself A LOT. Im sure yall are tired of reading about most, if not all of it or you are thinking "jeez- we get it brooke.. yall are updating your house and your husband is a hard worker.. oh and you love your animals way too much!" So I thought I would let yall in on a little secret of mine. Im really not that self centered .. Im doing it for a reason. Its for a blog book.

Yes, somebody loves my blog so much that they are going to publish a book with our post - okay.. truth be told that person is me. But its still going be made into a book! And no, its not a book that you will buy on Amazon. Its a book that we will keep for ourselves.. for the coffee table, end table, or our library. {we dont have a library really but we do have enough books to make a library. Currently they are all in boxes but trust me we could have a pretty darn amazing library if they were all out}

Back to the book. I heard that you could do it and then one day I was reading Brittany Poe's blog and she posted about her blog book she got for her birthday. I jumped in excitement that the rumors were true - you can turn your blog into a book people! {feel free to squeal in excitement also}

So all that to say, that is why I post so many random things about our life, house, husband, animals, etc. Not to rave about ourselves - but because I hope to make a book each year so that we can always look back and enjoy them.. and laugh at how young, innocent, and naive we were "back then!" Im not a scrapbooker nor am I looking to become one .. so this is the perfect way to keep a modern day "scrapbook" of our life.

I also share this brilliant idea by Blurb to possibly encourage any of YOU to do the same! I just think its soooooo fabulous! I know people say all the time "I dont know what to blog about?" Well, if you are thinking in terms of "what do I want to look back 10 years from now and remember?" instead of "what do other people want to read about" - you feel so much more freedom to post the most random stories, details, pictures of the things going on in your life. {or at least I do} Want to see other books? Click here, here, here, or here.
Oh & if you dont care at all about the blog book at least check out the Blurb website because they have a lot of other great ideas!


  1. This is great news - I've wanted to make my blog a book too, to give to the kids when they get older. That's why I'm always posting the most random stuff about them. I had no idea that there was a company that publishes blogs. Thanks for sharing! Also - I enjoy reading your blogs about you, Freeland, the house, and your beloved pets :)

  2. now thats two great things that we have learned from your blog! we want to check out the TVC winery, it looks so fun! and i'm definitey going to look at this blog book thing.

    thanks brooke!

  3. This is exactly what I am doing with mine...but only cooking stuff for my kids. I did a scrap book for our 19 year old when he turned 16 and by the time it was all said and done $650. Now I love him, but c'mon already. You can get so caught up and carried away w/this stuff. I like reading about your life. You seem like great hardworking people. It is nice to not read about spoiled people that have everything handed to them and don't have to work hard to achieve anything. The stories about getting through colleges, trying to save money, trying to update your house etc. Those are great!! jeeesh, I wrote a book and I don't even know you, sorry hehehehe. And I grew up in NW PA so it is very interesting to hear your journey and the jennings since I am no longer there.

  4. I randomly found your blog and saw this idea! It's amazing.

    And for the record, it seems like you and your husband are newly weds.

    You have every right to brag! ;)

  5. So glad that you're doing the BLOG book! I love it so much! It's such a great thing...and is really great quality for the inexpensive price! :) ... It does take quite a bit of time, though...but well worth it! ... Love reading your blog. You and your husband are just too cute! You can just tell that you're so happy! :)

  6. WOw a blog book - who knew that kind of thing existed? I'm not a scrapbooker either and this may be the perfect solution.

    Thanks for the info Brooke!

  7. B- I found that site a while ago. Isn't it great?! That's been my goal too. That way I can have a family album and journal all in one.
    Happy Bloggin'!

  8. Brooke, tell your Mom that one of the best things I ever did was drive with C&A to PA. I saw the country, I saw where they lived, and I met lots of really nice people & neighbors. Came home so relieved to KNOW where they were & confident they would be fine.