Monday, January 14, 2008

Were officially Auntie Brooke & Uncle Freeland

Introducing Gracie ("Im adorable") Chisum
drumroll please.......
Isnt she the cutest muffin you have ever seen in your life? My brother adopted her in December! He looked high & low for the perfect puppy and I think he found her! She is precious. She hasnt met her cousins (maddie & oliver) yet because they were "away" when she made the trip to Waco.. but soon they will & I cant wait. It was so fun having her around at Christmas. She got a ton of gifts & opened every one of them herself! I will say her Uncle Freeland is especially in love with her. Who knew he loved little bull dogs so much? Here are some more pictures..
I cant wait to babysit and spoil her rotten. If you want to see more pictures click: Here

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  1. awwww, she's absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!