Wednesday, January 16, 2008

These are the days of our lives..

So .. just a quick update on the happenings of our life. For those of you who don't know Freeland got a job! Not just 1 - but 2. "What, I thought he was going to med school?" Well, while we wait to see where we end up going and what happens he will work so we can save up money and all that other mumbo jumbo. I'm very proud of him and appreciate that he is willing to work so hard for us. Its going to be an adjustment for us, but its worth it right now.

He is going to be working full time at Scott & White Hospital in Temple 4 days a week. The days/hours are odd.. but its not for the rest of our lives, so we will make it work. He will be there Saturday-Tuesday 12:30 - 11:30pm. You read it right.. on the weekends he will be working. Then the other days he isn't working he took a job with my brother for Savoya. This was a great opportunity because he can work from home & will be able to do this no matter where we end up! That's why he has been in Dallas the last 2 weeks training.

Another update - we are working like crazy to get our house ready to sell. Freeland has done so much work on our house the last 2 years and to us - its the perfect home. I just hope someone else who is looking to buy a house feels the same way! We will spend the rest of this month working like crazy to finish all the "final touches" and then hopefully come February you will see a For Sale sign in our yard... with people lining up to give us offers!

So those are the major things going on in our life right now. We have so many mixed emotions. We are truly excited about what is next but trying not to just look forward to the next stage in life because its so easy to always live that way. At the same time we are sad. We have enjoyed Waco these last few years and love our life here. Its really exciting and strange all at the same time.

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