Monday, January 21, 2008

Someone's got a "Case of the Mondays"

Not really, but today is officially Freeland's first day in the "corporate world". He started working at Scott & White Hospital this morning. His hours are normal (8-5) for the first day and then the first few weeks he will work Monday - Friday 12:30 - 11:00pm. Probably after 2 or 3 weeks is when he will switch to work Saturday through Tuesday. I will let you know how the J-O-B goes after I hear from him today. Its going to be strange not being able to go home for lunch and eat together. But I'm thankful he at least has a job.

This weekend was crazy busy but fun & productive at the same time. First David Blankenship & some friends were in town from Colorado for World Mandate so they stayed at our house the whole weekend. It was so fun having them and getting to spend time with them between all the breaks at the conference.

Since they were in & out Freeland and I were still able to get a ton done before he had to start work. It was nice because we worked hard but also relaxed. We watched a ton of movies (Sweeney Todd, The Simpson, & Juno.. Juno was AMAZING). Saturday it was Melissa's daughters 3rd birthday so we all went to Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate. Then Freeland & I went to pick out the granite for our kitchen and cleaned out the sun room. Sunday we did the early church thing & spent the rest of the day working on the house. Freeland got the backyard & garage fixed up while I painted the kitchen. And finally we just watched football and hung out with David & Laske (Dave's roomie) and watched Juno again.

I'd say it was a great weekend... minus Green Bay loosing. I dont want to talk about it though.

Speaking of "Mondays".. have you seen the "dont fight monday" commercial: .. I thought it was hillarious.

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