Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Trip to Erie

Well, I finally found my camera so I can post the rest of the pictures for our trip! After Zach & Vanessa's wedding we jumped on a plane and headed across the country to visit our long lost friends Adam & Camille! They were troopers and picked us up bright and early first thing in the morning (aka 6:00am) We had so much fun. I was so excited to finally get to see their house, their neighborhood, the town, the lake, the school and everything else. And it snowed a TON while we were there so it was perfect! Ive never seen snow like that before in all my years of skiing and everything else! They are amazing host .. if you are in Erie make sure you stay at The Jennings B&B. She even puts out a little basket of goodies for you on your bed to welcome you!

As many of you know Freeland is looking at going to Med School in Erie so we took advantage of our trip while we were there! I am incredibly thankful that we were able to be there as we are in the process of making our decision! It helped to see the town and what our life would look like if we moved that far north! I must say - I absolutely loved it! The town is very "quaint" and all the houses are adorable and have tons of character. They have all the normal restaurants and stores but then a ton of other "mom & pop" places too! I would be completely content if Erie is where we ended up going! I think Freeland & I would love living there and it is just icing on the cake that Adam & Camille would be right down the street!! So here are just a few pictures from our trip.

These are from when we went to Lake Erie. Its the largest thing I have ever seen. If you told me it was the ocean - I would believe you! It was amazing. Powers came too & had a ton of fun chasing the ball around the sand and in the freezing water. This was all before the snow started.
The boys before they went fly fishing.
For New Years we started the night off watching Flight of the Conchords and ended up somehow watching The Twilight Zone Marathon (because Freeland "loves" it).. Then when we were finally able to make a reservation we went and had sushi to celebrate. We tried to go to a pub afterwards to ring in the new year but after hanging out for a little bit we ended up deciding to go back to the casa & celebrate there! It was so fun finally getting to celebrate NYE with them again! We barely made it to midnight - but Im glad to report we did.. were not old yet!

Singing in the car:

And then there was snow: which also means snow fights with Powers (the dog) Nobody else could play except Freeland because he throws them too hard. Their house when the snow started... Then it continued for the next 3 days. We went sledding and played outside! I wish I had pictures but it was snowing so hard I couldn't really take the camera out. Here you can sort of see Powers going crazy in the snow. He tries to catch it in his mouth. Its hilarious.


  1. Erie is a great place. You will need to stock up on some cammo outfits though and make sure you have your hunting license for next year. Make sure you pick up "How to Gut a Deer and Small Game 101".

  2. Erie is a nice city to live in. TOns of stuff in the area to do!

  3. Hope you guys do end up coming to Erie to live. You'll love it.

  4. Oh, the memories...
    Love the pictures, friend. Miss y'all!