Wednesday, January 30, 2008

our 3 year {dating} anniversary

*this picture was taken at Baylor's campus on our 6 month anniversary when we first started dating.. we were going back to all the places we went on our first date.. awwww.

I forgot to tell you people.. Sunday marked 3 years that Freeland & I have been together! Okay, I know that once you are married you arent supposed to celebrate your "dating" anniversary anymore. But were still newlyweds & we dont really care about the rule I guess. So we remember it & try to enjoy it.

I should also clarify.. when I say "we" I mean "freeland". He is the one who remembered so well & wanted to do everything we could to make it special. I tagged along.

Maybe one day I will take you all through the 'story of us' & how we met.. its humorous & I love it. But I would probably have Camille write it - because she is a better story teller.