Thursday, January 17, 2008

organizing your kitchen 101

2 things I love: Crate & Barrel and organizing. So what could be better than Crate & Barrel Organizing! I just received the new magazine and saw these:
They are fabulous! It is their line of "smart storage". Its the Oxo Pop Containers. They are stackable, airtight and comes in 11 different shapes & sizes. Brilliant. Freeland and I are some what organized in the kitchen.. but it doesn't look this nice. The best part is they have a "pop button" mechanism that creates an airtight seal and doubles as a handle!

One day I dream of having my kitchen this organized. For now, the check book doesn't allow it - but one day.


  1. I love Crate and Barrel. I wanted some Thanksgiving dessert dishes and some Christmas dishes this year but I was patient.... I waited until the holidays were over and got them all for a steal. They have the best sales. I got these really cool champagne flutes that are almost the shape of a trumpet for 1.99 each and they were 8.99 originally. Patience is the key and the prices always go is just talking yourself into "I don't need them until they go on sale".