Wednesday, January 30, 2008

lost & found

The countdown is almost finished!! 1 more day until Lost premieres! That's right Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, & Hurley are all back! (at least for 8 episodes they are) Apparently there is a little controversy over whether or not they should air if we don't get all 16 episodes (because of the writers strike) I say 8 new episodes of anything is better than nothing .. so I'm all for it.

If you remember last season they ended with a "flash forward" which took things to a whole new playing field, I think. They were already throwing so many things at you & leaving you on the edge of your seat every week and then !BAM! - Here is a look into the future: surprise - some of them will make it off the island.. oh & someone else is dies .. & jack is depressed.. and Kate never goes to jail. I could keep going but - jeez. I cant wait to see what happens.
Did I mention its 2 hours long!?

If you want to watch quick recaps of Lost click: here
And, here is a link on what to expect in Season 4. (there are spoilers - so read at your own risk)


  1. Ummm I'm a LOST addict too! In fact, I've been looking forward to tonight for months. I've never been into a tv show before, but once I discovered LOST I got hooked. Hooray for it finally being the 31st!

  2. Did you love the premiere?? So many questions...