Thursday, January 10, 2008

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Zach & Vanessa Jones

After Christmas Freeland & I got to go to California to be a part of Zach & Vanessa's Wedding. The wedding was in Riverside, California where Vanessa is from. Freeland was one of Zach's groomsmen. It was so much fun being a part of their wedding and getting to celebrate with them. Freeland & I were honestly so thankful to be able to be there with them. Zach & Vanessa have become some of our really good friends and so getting to see them grow from when they started dating to now has really been fun. I remember when they started dating how googly Zach was over Vanessa... and they are absolutely precious together so I am really happy they are married now.

We flew in to LA and rented a car so we could drive up to the wedding. It was our first time renting a car together and they ended up upgrading us for free so it also just happened to turn out to be Freeland's first time in a convertible! So we (and by we I mean he) made good use of it and drove with the top down majority of the time.. even though it was 55 degrees outside and we were on the highway. Here was a car we got to enjoy for the weekend

The ceremony was at First Congregational Church in Riverside. It was beautiful and the perfect place for them to get married! Vanessa looked amazing! They wrote their own vows and they were incredibly sweet! Here are some pictures from the church & the ceremony:

Then the reception was at the Life Arts Building across the street. It was perfect since we all just walked across from the ceremony. The wedding party all had a hilarious entrance. They danced in and then Vanessa & Zach made their own entrance. Everything was amazing and all the details were beautiful! They came up with a lot of creative ideas. I loved all the little touches she did! She had to have been working hard the weeks up to the wedding because there were tons of little personal details everywhere! It was great! This was their program where they wrote a note to/about each of their bridesmaids & groomsmen. It was incredibly sweet & thoughtful. Zach's note to Freelands made me cry. My personal fav were the favors they handed out! Look how adorable & creative:
That night we left from LA to fly to Erie PA so we could visit Adam & Camille and celebrate new years with them! Pictures coming soon - I just have to find my camera!

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