Thursday, January 31, 2008

how can we raise awareness in darfur of how much we're doing for them?

Okay .. sorry to post 2 videos in a row. But this is so worth posting! Its brilliant on so many different levels, I dont even know where to start. If you dont think it is - thats okay, we can agree to disagree. (You can atleast enjoy that the guy from the sonic commercial is in it & that its from The Onion.)

Panelists discuss the tragic lack of media access in Darfur & how we can help Darfurians realize how much we're helping them. I especially appreciate the Chairman of Future Progress Institute, Nancy Fichandlers, input. Precious.

How Can We Raise Awareness In Darfur Of How Much We're Doing

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Okay & I hate to clarify, but Im going to because I dont know who reads this blog. First its the onion - so its not real. And its not darfur that made me giggle..

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  1. Wow.. That's amazing

    Its sick how much we do over here to "raise awareness" but in reality we aren't doing anything to truly help the Sudanese people. I was in Sudan 2 years ago for a month and it is atrocious how the refugees are forced to live. We weren't able to go to Darfur, but we taught English every day in a refugee camp and all the people want is some dignity.

    Thanks for putting the video up!