Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gracie's 3rd Birthday

As I mentioned in my last post.. My friend Melissa's daughter turned 3 and we all got to celebrate this weekend. Freeland & I love Melissa's kids and every time they have something come up it seems like we are always out of town. Except the last 2 years we have been here on Gracie's birthday! Its also fun because its right next to Freelands birthday. Here are some pictures from the party at Peter Piper Pizza. As you can see she is already a little princess.. its adorable. I'm pretty sure her cake was the best cake ever & every girls dream!

A side note about Peter Piper. We always have fun when we go there & we really do think its the perfect place to have a party. But I am not going to lie, when you go - you will with out a doubt see some of the strangest/funniest things there also. For example, if you look in the picture above.. the little boy has a doo-rag (sp?) on. And I think he is all of 2 years old?! Case & point.

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  1. You just know Mr.I Do All My Own Stunts is just itching to knock one of those princesses off their turret (sp)!!!!