Sunday, January 13, 2008

Freeland's Birthday

This past week/weekend was a blast! Freeland is now officially 26 years old! The week started off with us traveling for work but it was actually a nice start to our celebration. My work was having a meeting in Dallas for 3 days and Freeland just happened to be training in Dallas those same 3 days right down the street from our meeting so we got to go together. Why would traveling start off his birthday celebration you ask? Well, because my meeting was at the Adolphus Hotel downtown! Which we would never be able to do ourselves so it was a really nice treat! For those who aren't from Dallas, the Adolphus is super swanky & beautiful. (IE=crazy expensive also)
Not only did we stay at the Adolphus for 3 days.. my boss also let Freeland come with us to eat .. and we just happened to be going to his favorite restaurant, Trulucks! (They have the best stone crab you will ever have in your entire life!) Freeland was in heaven! Trulucks is becoming a little tradition for us now. We ate there last year for his birthday also because our neighbor works there. So this is 2 years in a row he got to have it. I'm not sure we will be able to do it every year, but these past 2 years have been nice! Here are some of the people from work & a picture of the fresh stone crab:

Then on Thursday we went for a low key dinner to papa rollos in Waco. Zach & Vanessa just got back from their honeymoon and joined us. It was super nice of them because they hadn't even been home yet & came straight out to eat with us. Zach brought back some cigars for Freeland - so I would say it was a REALLY good night for Freeland! Sadly, I didn't take any pictures!
On Friday we concluded all the birthday celebrating with our true tradition of going to Baris for dinner. Matt, Katie, John, Becca, Benson, Gun, & Kevin were all able to come with us. We tried the carrot cake from HEB because Free loves carrot cake - I don't recommend it. Not our favorite.. but it never hurts to try. Baris is our all time favorite place to go! Its true Italian food and has the little "hole in the wall" feel to it.

It was a great week of celebrating. I'm truly thankful for my husband & his life. (it still sounds weird to call him my husband) He is the hardest worker and brings true joy to my life. I cant wait to celebrate all his other birthdays with him!

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