Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas: part 4

Were almost there people! Onto our next & last Christmas.. phew! The night of Christmas Eve we went to my dad's and stayed the night there. My step-brother, Andrew, came over and we did our gift exchange with him and then our annual tradition of watching a movie that night. This year we chose Trapped in Paradise! Its one of our favorites... if you haven't seen it, you should. We love it. Then we woke up Christmas morning & ate French Toast and did more gifts before having a huge wonderful lunch and watching another movie. It was nice to have everyone together and felt really relaxed.. so it was a wonderful Christmas. It was also the first time we were all together since the wedding so it was very overdue.

Note: His shirt reads "Be naughty. Save Santa the trip!" He wears it every year when we open gifts.

Tracy playing Santa..

Tracy & Andrew

Its a talking Mark Cuban .. very funny.

Gracie even got a gift! Actually, she received a TON of gifts this Christmas. This is her opening it. Tearing apart paper is her favorite. You may be wondering who Gracie is.. stay tuned.. introductions to follow.
Freeland & I win for best gift.. ours made my dad cry when he opened it! Actually, he got a ton of great gifts from everyone.. but if you are judging by the tears - then im just saying! It was a picture from our wedding when Freeland was crying as I was walking down the aisle. My dad said it was one of his favorites so we had it printed and framed for him. Im glad he liked it so much and that it meant that much to him. Note: wedding pictures for gifts = great gifts. And that concludes our first Christmas as a married little family. Sorry it took so long to post and that it took so many post. But youre all caught up now.. atleast on Christmas!

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