Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas: part 2

Christmas continued: On Sunday we left Conroe to make our trip up to Dallas to see my family. (stopping in Waco to get the rest of the gifts, switch cars, feed the cats, and re-pack) It was a lot of driving, but worth it so we could see both families. On the way we also did our Christmas together.

This year we decided to set a limit on how much we spent. (newlyweds = no money) Were also trying to save the little money we do have for everything else coming up. So it made the challenge of finding the perfect gift even more exciting. I was really surprised Freeland was able to hold off exchanging gifts as long as he did. He is the type that cant wait to give the gift so he will just go ahead and give it to you even if its a month before Christmas!

So here are pictures from us opening our gifts together for the first time as a married couple. It looked a little different this year than I imagine it always will since it was the day before Christmas Eve, but it was still special to us:

Me opening mine.. no idea what it is..
Sam (the cat) trying to help with the paper. It was the perfect gift.. Freeland & I have been wanting to learn to make sushi and other random things so he surprised me and got us cooking classes at Central Market! Now we just have to figure out when & where but Im so excited!
My real gift was a connection thingy for my Ipod so I can still listen to the radio if I want. (I like one of the morning shows.. lame - i know.. who still listens to the radio? Me)
This was me asking (realizing) that Freeland got this so I would go running in the morning while I was listening to that radio show! Yet another plot to get me to run again.
Freeland opening his HUGE box
confused by all the other wrapping inside. (my ploy to keep him from guessing what it was)

Finally getting to the actual gift..

YES! He loves it.. (this wasn't staged.. he really did make that face)
What was it? TOMS SHOES! Burlap Toms to be specific. He has been asking for a pair for some time now. I was so excited to be able to give him these for Christmas. If you haven't heard of them before I encourage you to check them out! For every pair you buy they donate another pair to to a child in need. So really with Freeland's gift he was also giving a pair of shoes to a child in Africa. My favorite are the baby shoes (tiny toms)... if you know anyone who has babies - you should buy them a pair! They are precious.

Now.. onto Dallas ..


  1. Got your link from the Jennings. I think your ideas were great. My husband and I have actually gone Christmas before without exchanging because we can't think of anything we really want. It is sooo much better when you can think of something that has WOW factor regardless of how inexpensive it may be. Anyone can buy jewelry etc. Sushi lessons were a terrific idea!!! I made scrapbooks a couple of years ago for both my husband and son. My husbands consisted of an old photo album his grandmother gave him that was falling apart so I revamped it. Sometimes it is hard to top stuff like that. Plus the sushi lessons are something you can do "together" and those are the best things!!!

  2. I like those Toms!

    Oh, Free. Always conspiring to get you to run....

  3. hey brooke! your blog is super!!! i'm glad you got to see my sister in denver!!! :) good to see you're doing well!