Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baylor defeats Texas A&M.. booya

Gig Em' Baylor! Incase you live on another planet.. or didnt pay attention to college basketball (which I'm sure many of you don't) Baylor kicked the tar out of A&M last night after a historical five (1-2-3-4-5) overtimes!! Can you believe it?! This was officially the longest game in Big 12 history! This was wonderful because not only does Baylor like winning.. but they really like beating A&M (who was No. 18) .. so it was a great thing! Sadly, the game wasn't televised. But it was still all over the TV & Internet. Here are just a few little outlets that come to mind: (click on it to go to the link)
Given everything the team has been through and all the attention/controversy they have received for the all wrong reasons the last few years.. this makes all their wins even more exciting to celebrate. I like what the Houston Chronicle said: "Don't call them the Bad News Bears any longer!" True.
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