Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple Introduces... MacBook Air, Movie Rentals, Upgrades, etc.

Brooke Ackley here reporting live from Macworld 2008- I wish. But the updates have been released. Here is a quick run down:

PHEW! Here are some pictures of the releases:

The computer literally fits in an envelope!

Here is a screen shot of what the menu is like ordering movies on your TVAnd you can even browse Iphote, Flickr and more on your TV
Ironically, MacWorld is the reason I never buy anything! Every time I go to even think about buying something all I can think is - "if I buy this .. they are just going to re-do it or make it even better at macworld.. so I will just wait." And then the cycle continues. Thankfully, they do upgrades for all their releases - buuuttt. still.

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  1. Great post, Brooke! I must say I'm not a huge apple/Mac fan but I did get a new ipod for Christmas and I'm so excited about being able to rent movies...I didn't know that! I wasn't too thrilled about paying full price just to have a "miniature" movie :-) Thanks for the tip!