Friday, December 14, 2007

Zach & Vanessa's Couples Shower

So I was just looking over this website I forgot I registered for which shows the traffic on your blog.. and upon looking over that I realized I never posted about Zach & Vanessa's shower. What reminded me of that you ask? Well these 2 searches were done online and lead people to our blog:
  1. "pictures of Zach and Vanessa's engagement" (i don't know why that Google search would lead anyone to our blog)

  2. "couples showering together!" (WHAT?? I guess "couples shower" got confused with "couples showering together".. I'm sure that was a disappointment when they read the blog and didn't find what they were looking for!)
Either way, it reminded me that I never posted anything about the shower. So for all you eager beavers out there who were dying to know how it went.. it was soo much fun. I loved getting to put it all together and that I did it with Freeland. I really had a lot of fun planning it and I loved that I finally got use out of all those serving dishes we got for our wedding. Vanessa came up with the idea of doing a "date night" theme. I loved it and thought it was so creative. So everyone brought gifts that Zach and Vanessa could use on a date once they are married.

I was a little nervous that people wouldn't get what they were supposed to bring.. especially with boys being invited. But it was perfect! Everyone brought gifts they could use like gift cards to restaurants, movie passes, picnic baskets, blankets for a movie night at the house, etc.
We also played a little game (corny, I know) But we had to do something and it turned out to be really funny... with help from Meier! She was the one who told me what to do since she is the expert at throwing showers. Thanks roomie. The shower was a blast and we both had so much fun celebrating them getting married with all of their friends. Here are some pictures:

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