Saturday, December 15, 2007

without my other half

Tonight is my first night without Freeland since we have been married. And Im not gonna lie to you folks, its so not fun! He left today for his interview (which is super exciting) but I miss him already and don't like not having him around. Its gonna be a long 3 days without him!

Keep him in your prayers. His interview is on Monday. Camille & Adam have been super sweet and totally helped "prep" freeland for the interview. Haircut - check, dry clean suit - check, fix watch - check, review all the questions - check, etc. He is totally ready and I know he will do an amazing job. Im so thankful Adam & Camille are going to be there with him! Im so excited and proud of him. Now I cant wait for him to be back home so we can celebrate!


  1. I know that's hard, Brooke. I hated it too! It's good practice for med school and residency... it does get better, but never really easy :-)

  2. Erie is a nice city to live in! I grew up there (now live in Pittsburgh) and I love to see nice young couple moving to the area, if only for med school! Good Luck to him!