Sunday, December 16, 2007

sleepover at the airport anyone?

So Freeland is supposed to be in Erie right now with Adam & Camille as she said on her blog "sitting by the fire, eating some warm stew, watching the snow dance outside the window. And instead, he's enjoying the luxuries of the Baltimore airport." This has not been his favorite traveling experience!

I think the best way to describe his day of travel is by thinking of all the movies you have seen where people are stuck in the airport (think Home Alone) and that's pretty much what his day has been like.

To summarize: first he forgot his carry-on bag with all of his travel information, books, stuff for his interview, and his ipod. Then his flight was cancelled, then he couldn't get a rental car to drive to Erie (which is still 8 hours away), he then got "locked out" of the airport, next his phone died, his other flight was cancelled, then he sat in the airport all day without a clue when he would make it to PA.

Finally just a minute ago he called to let me know that he was able to get another flight and was boarding.. (which was my intention for this blog to say how excited I was that he was going to make it there) Until he called back just a second ago to let me know they cancelled the flight and everyone was having to get back off the plane! Now they tell him that they cant fly him out until 8:00pm TOMORROW NIGHT!

Now it looks like the hubby is going to be bunking in the airport tonight. This is so crazy. I feel so bad that he is all alone and doesn't really have any options.. and this also means he will miss his interview tomorrow. Bummer. My heart feels awful for him.

So, I will leave you all with a joke from Camille: "Right now, on the hour-by-hour weather forecast on it says "Blizzard" for Erie. And you thought it was just a shake at Dairy Queen... bum dum DUM. HEY-O!"

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