Monday, December 17, 2007

Guess who is finally home today!!?!

Yep! Guess who's back, back again ... the pups are back, tell a friend... 10 days and over $450 later.. they are finally back home!!

It was so adorable picking them up. They didn't see me come in so I got to sneak up on them.. As soon as I said "hey Maddie & Ollie" They went nut-zo! It was precious. And a huge relief! I was a little afraid that they wouldn't get excited since Freeland wasn't picking them up! The whole vet clinic was so sad to see them leave and they kept kissing every one's face the whole time.

As soon as I pulled up to the house they were jumping everywhere & dying for me to open the door.. they couldn't wait to get inside! It was pretty cute because once they got inside they just went back and forth from room to room looking for Freeland. Its going to be quite the reunion when he gets back tomorrow. I cant wait.


  1. Glad your dogs and your husband made it to their respective destinations. That ride from Buffalo to Erie is usually not a good one in the winter. Funny thing is.....90 miles from Buffalo to Erie seems twice as long as Erie to Cleveland. Dont' as me why but it does. I grew up there and always dreaded driving to Buffalo.

    PS Dog lady will get hers. Karma is a beotch and what goes around always comes around.

  2. Yay - they're home again! Looks like they made some friends during their stay at the vet's. :)