Friday, December 7, 2007

Get Well Soon

I'm sitting here with a thermometer in my mouth writing this blog. I knew the day would come.. When one of us would be sick and the other would get to take care of the sick one.. I was even a little excited about the idea of Freeland being sick and me getting to take care of him, make him soup, enforce bed rest and lots of fluids etc. (is that weird?) Well, little did I know when the day would come that we would both be sick and miserable together. I guess that's what happens when you're married. I always thought I would get sick first because Free doesnt really get sick ever.. and lets be honest - I feel sick all the time.

It all started in Denver. Then made its way to Texas as Freeland was getting off the plane he said "I don't feel good." That was my secret "yay! I get to take care of you" moment. So the first day was fun running to get him Gatorade, sprite, meds, and anything else to help. Until the next day, you know when you wake up with: a sore throat, headache, runny nose, cough, and feeling like you slept under a 1000 ton weight.. its not going to be good. I still tried to make it to work.. and thats when it really hit me. Now its almost humorous watching us as we both just sit at home miserable and completely out of it and trying to both take care of each other the best we can. Thankfully I have a boss who is very understanding and is allowing me to work from home while I fight this out.

The worst part is that we went to the doctor and its not the flu or strep throat.. well that was good that it wasn't.. but I was like "seriously, that means its just a bad cold! Cant you just humor me and say its the flu because that sounds weak just saying its a bad cold. I think if you knew what I felt like you would agree it HAS to be the flu! I really feel like its the flu.. check again doctor and let me know what you think!" That was me.. trying to convince him I was sickey sickerton no matter what he said.

So please excuse the lack of Colorado pics. I will get them up ASAP.. as soon as this medicine kicks in more. Im thinking of trying Red Bull and Alka Seltzer Cold & Flu.. I saw it on a movie once and it looked pretty hard core. :)


  1. Hope you guys start feeling better!!!!!

  2. haha, I would think the same thing! C'mon, its the flu, not a wimpy cold, right?!?!

    Hope y'all feel better.

  3. that stinks yall are both sick! i have been sick too! yuck! wish it would go away!!

  4. Granted, I have not graduated from medical school yet....But in my honest opinion Red Bull mixed with cold medicine is probably about equivalent to mixing, Crystal meth with drano. It'll give you energy and clean you out, but is it really worth your internal organs spontaneously combusting???? Think about it.