Tuesday, December 18, 2007

funny story

Freeland made it home! Buuutttt...

He decided he would surprise me and change his flight so that he would get home early. ( he is sweet) What you should all know is Freeland isnt good with lieing/surprises. (with the exception of our engagement) Well, I had an inkling that he was coming home early so I went & asked my boss around 3:00 if I could go home early to surprise him and be there!

I thought it was going to be perfect.. he would come in thinking "when she gets home from work she will be so surprised" and then BAM! I would be sitting there waiting for him with the dogs! Well, that was until 4:15 when I was like "hmm maybe I was wrong? Maybe he isnt coming home early?"

Turns out Freeland was up at my office trying to surprise me there and I was at home trying to surprise him here. It was funny. We laughed.

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