Monday, December 17, 2007

freeland made it!

For all of you who are checking this every hour, on the hour, to see if Freeland is still trapped in the airport.. he made it out! I got a phone call at 4:00am saying he was going to be making it on a 6:00 flight into buffalo now! They finally got him out of there.. and he was able to change his rental car from Cleveland to buffalo and then drive into Erie! I'm so happy for him.
He just called me as he was driving in and said how great everything was. I stayed on the phone with him as he drove into their neighborhood and up to their house! He said it was all adorable and then got off so he could give an appropriate welcome hug to powers (their dog - adam & cam already left for work/school so they left everything for him. Powers & Freeland are besties)
Then he called back and said how in love he was with their humble abode! Cam even left him a "welcome basket" with towels, loofah, razor, etc. They run a good B&B there! Let me tell you!
So - he is finally there.. late.. but there! I'm so thankful. His interview was supposed to start @ 8:00 but he will just go in once he finishes cleaning up since its already 10:00.. Camille pulled some strings and got everything taken care of for him!
Oh - and he didnt take a camera. Im bummed.


  1. So glad he got there! I always fly in to Buffalo when I go to Erie b/c its an airport that is use to the snow. Also, the drive to Erie from there is shorter and easier than from Cleveland or Pittsburgh. By the way, I have 3 friends that have graduated from LECOM that loved it there. They also are all very successful DR's!

  2. YAY! He's here!!! I'll take pics for you friend and email them to you!!!!
    Although I'm at work now so we'll see if we can count on the boys to do that......
    WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!!!!!!