Thursday, December 6, 2007

Free Oliver & Madelyn

Warning: Long Post – but it is 100% worth reading.

What am I talking about you might ask? Well, I'm not sure you will believe me when I tell you. I hesitated to post this earlier because of the controversy it may cause and out of fear that someone may not understand the story. But its so blog-worthy that I had to post it. I am still totally confused by the whole thing. Here is what I have learned since last Thursday: Justice doesn’t really exist and if you are earnest & determined (sub for: a brat and over dramatic) about something you can get anything you want done.. Sadly. That’s what happened the other night. Here is a re-cap:

Freeland was having a hard day so he went to sit outside with the dogs and to enjoy a cigar. I was working inside. As soon as I finished working I walk outside & see a girl walk in front of our house with her dog. It’s a smaller dog, but not that small.

As she walks by the front of our house, in our yard, Madelyn & Oliver walk down towards her to see her dog. As they do that she YANKS her dog up by the collar, strangling poor "Tootsie" (note: the name was changed in order to protect everyone involved) screaming "oh my gosh.. oh my gosh"

So Freeland proceeds to get Madelyn and Oliver away from her dog politely since clearly she was freaking out. Keep in mind; she still has her hand over her head with her dog hanging from the leash turning in circles over and over while the dog, Tootsie, paws for her dear life trying to figure out what is going on.

As her dog was being hung I saw Tootsie trying to grab on to her arm... and that is when it all happened. She was scratched.. by HER own dog. What do you think would happen if you had your dog hanging from a leash over your head? Clearly, they would paw at the only thing around (your arm) trying to hold on.. and they have nails.. so you just might get a little scratch. That’s what happened and I saw it happen with my own eyes.

But then I hear out of her very own mouth say.. "oh my gosh, your dog just bit me!" WHAT?!?!?! Freeland immediately says "Brooke, take her inside" I do that .. While I’m still in shock by the words that came out of her mouth. She continues to go on and on saying "im bleeding .. everywhere.. oh my gosh.. im not taking this lightly.. look at what your dogs have done.. im bleeding all over the place"

I say, "lets go into the bathroom and see" as I continue to look everywhere she is motioning.. I notice there is no blood. I finally say "where are you bleeding, I don’t see any blood.. I’m so sorry." She says "it doesn’t matter - your dog bit me and I’m doing something about it. You cant just not do something. This is serious. My dad is a doctor.. (correction, she said “wound specialist”.. which he isnt. He is a podiatrist) and this isn’t okay. I just .. I just.. I don’t even know what to say"

So I just kind of stand there not knowing what to do since she isn’t listening and totally doesn’t really care what I am saying. All I can think to tell her is that clearly our dogs are large (150 lbs. plus some) and had they bit her.. I think we can all agree - she would be more than bleeding.. she would be gushing all over the place. But she doesn’t seem to care what I say.

So she gets on the phone to call her dad, the wound specialist, and ask him what to do when “a dog has attacks you” (a dog never attacked her) I will spare you some of those details, since I know this is a long post, but basically you could tell her dad knew she was dramatic and tried to calm her down by asking "are you sure they did that? are you sure its not just a minor scratch.." and so on.

That’s when Freeland walked in. She continues to say irrational things and goes on & on. And then finally Freeland says:

"I’m so sorry, I don’t mean to be disrespectful but honestly, it doesn’t look like a bite on your arm. It really just looks like a scratch. And if they did bite/scratch you, then you would be bleeding all over the place and there is no way that they jumped up to where your arm was to scratch you or you would have fallen over because they are huge."

She refuses to listen so Free tells her "lets call my vet. He can tell you that they have all their shots and they are fine and he will let you know what to do." She says "fine" and we call the vet. They basically say the dogs are fine and she is fine and there isn’t really anything worth doing. So finally after all that fiasco and a few other details she agrees and leaves.

THEN .. Oh no, its not over yet people.. were just getting started. (not really, I’m almost done. Don’t worry.) So then, we get a call from her saying "im calling the police expect them there soon."

WHAT?!?!? Yes! She did! So the animal control shows up at our house and say "we need to quarantine your dogs" Im stunned! We quickly say "how could you quarantine them if you haven’t even heard what happened."

Freeland asks them "have you even seen the mark on her arm? And even better.. have you seen our dogs?" They FINALLY stop for a second and hear us out and then walk back to see our dogs.. then they come to the front and say "well.. Basically now that she has made the claim we have to do something - EVEN IF THEY DIDNT DO IT." This is when they realize that her story isn’t matching up and also the point that I’ve pretty much lost it..

The animal control people even agreed with us that there was no way our dogs did what she was claiming... but still because she is claiming it they have to take the dog. So they ask her to point out which dog did it... clearly she cant.. because they didn’t do it... so the animal control says "then we will have to take both dogs with us." Now I’m in tears. Thank God Freeland kept his cool because I didn’t.

I explain to the ‘girl’ that I understand she was scared of the big dogs and everything but realistically there is no possible way they did that. I ask her if she realizes what it is costing by her claiming this to put 2 dogs that weigh over 150 pounds in quarantine for 10 days. Her response:

"this isn’t about money.. this is about the LAW!"

OH MY GOSH! That floored me. If this is about the law - then how is what you are doing justified?! You are lying and claiming our dogs did something they didn’t do.. everyone here agrees.. even the animal control - but your right.. if this is about the "law" then it makes total sense what you are doing?! Then she went on to say "Im in law school.. I know" I almost threw up at that point. I had to walk inside I was so upset.

After pacing back and forth trying to figure out how any of this made sense and what to do .. I walk back out. Freeland is talking to the animal control to figure out what to do. He was so calm and handled everything so well. Then I say:

"okay, because you 'claim' our dogs scratched you.. they are going to be quarantined for 10 days. Well, I SAW your dog scratch you.. so your dog needs to go to the quarantine also." (boo - ya) She totally didn’t understand and just kept reminding me that her dad was a doctor and there just has to be something done.

After all that and going back and forth talking about how her story didn’t line up, she finally left and the animal control agreed with us. They gave me the document to fill out with what actually happened so they could go get her dog also and take him to get quarantined.. but we talked about it & Freeland talked to his uncle who is a lawyer and we decided not to though.. we realized she is a drama queen and clearly "this wasn’t about money" so she would continue throwing a fit and make it an even bigger deal than it was. So we just sucked it up and said fine.

Oh .. I left off the best part! When she drove off she held her dog up in the window and started laughing! I couldn’t believe I saw her do that. I couldn’t believe that someone could be so dramatic, vengeful, and insane. She knew our dogs didn’t do that but yet she fought and fought and fought and now are dogs are locked up in quarantine for 10 days.

So - that is the story. Believe it or not, a short version also. Our vet was completely upset when we brought the dogs in and called the city to let them know this was ridiculous and the dogs shouldn’t be put away. The whole clinic also agreed... along with all of our neighbors and everyone else. It looked like at one point we were going to be able to bring them home. But because "the girl" signed the paper saying they did something they didn’t.. the city requires them to be there.

How does that make sense? So yes people ... claim anything you want! I guess these days it doesn’t matter .. You don’t have to have proof. Even if you have proof that proves you wrong.. you can still make any claim you want and get your way. And I’m out..


  1. UGH! I hope "the girl" has to go to the pound (to live)!

  2. SO sorry! Tell that girl Merry Christmas!

  3. Just reading your story made me so upset! I can't believe that girl -and that your dogs had to be quarantined. Ridiculous!!

    On a different note, can you email me your mailing address?

  4. nevermind about emailing me - i found your address on your wedding website.


  5. Crazy dog lady needs a pop in the chops. Good thing for emotionally cool husbands with reason because I would have thrown her down on the ground and ridden her for 8 seconds like the dumb bull she is.