Thursday, December 13, 2007

"free my brother" - Lizzie

How cute! Even Lizzie, Oliver's sister, posted about the dogs & is fighting to free Oliver! Sarah & Grant have Oliver's sister.. which makes me so happy!! I didnt even know Freeland when he originally adopted Oliver.. so I love that it just happened to be that Olivers sister was adopted by Sarah & Grant because I just love them both! Sarah and I met when I was here for the summer before my freshman year started.. she was always so sweet and then we reconnected when I started going to Antioch my sophmore year! She has 2 precious children now & they live in Dallas!

Thanks for all of your support for the pups! Our hair dresser (casey at hippie chic salon) had a great idea. She also lives down the street from us so she was very passionate about the whole story. The vet called again today to let us know they are doing well. Oliver apparently doesnt like the little bed pad they have for him to lay on. He prefers the concrete - which Im sure his bones dont appreciate. I cant wait to get to go pick them up on Monday!

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