Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Colorado or Bust

I am finally posting some pictures from our trip to Colorado. It was an amazing trip! It flew by, as most vacations do, but we had such a great time. We spent the whole time with David & Amy. (except for when we drove down for Carolines Wedding & got to also see Cam!)

David was very hospitable and let us stay at his house. Which he prepped me for by claiming it was like 1908 (their house in college).. thankfully it wasn't. It was great. He even gave up his bed so we could sleep in it. From the time we landed in Colorado on Thursday until we left on Monday we pretty much just went from place to place eating, talking, laughing, and eating more.

Freeland & I opted out of doing the normal "Colorado" things like skiing, hiking, camping, etc. and decided we just wanted to hang out with them and see what their normal day to day life was like. It was a lot more fun & relaxed this way. We went to all their favorite coffee places, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, concert venues, and church. Freeland & I were very jealous of the life people live there. Here are some of the pictures from the trip. David has the rest of them so as soon as I get those, I will upload them.

These are pictures from us just goofing around downtown when we got there. We walked around the whole day & it was so much fun. I finally got to go in the HUGE r.e.i. and it is the largest thing I have ever seen. These first pictures were like statues of Maddie & Oliver. So we had to get pictures.

Then we finally got to meet up with Amy!! Sadly.. I dont really have any pictures except these. The rest are on David's camera. But we did go to her roomies show. Tifah is in a band called The Autumn Film. They are amazing.. and good news people - they are going to be playing at common grounds on March 6th! Get excited.

Then one day we went to 2 of breweries in Ft. Collins to do a tour. We did the New Belgium first and then we went to Odells. They are both completely different so it was great to go to both. Freeland and I had never gone to any breweries before. They give you a tour of the whole site and teach you all about how they started and the whole brewing process. Freeland likes to brew his own beer so that made it even more interesting.

Apparently there is a big discussion around Colorado about which brewery is better than the other so we thought it would be fun to decide for ourselves. Somehow, well I know how - but its a long story so I wont go through it all, we decided we would compare the 2 like you would compare churches if you were one of those people that "shops churches" often. We decided we would compare them on things like: do they have visitor parking? were the "greeters" friendly? how "trendy" was the environment? Was their bulletin appealing? What was the fellowship like with the people there? What was their "vision"? Etc. I know it sounds like it doesn't make sense - but it did to us. And it made everything about the tours 100% funnier. Especially at New Belgium. In the end it was a tie. There were 2 votes for New Belgium and 2 votes for Odells. Sadly, I really don't have pictures. I used Davids camera the whole time for the most part.
These are the bikes that New Belgium gives their employees every year. I love them
I will post Carolines wedding ASAP :)


  1. I wish y'all were still here! We definitely need to get pictures from David's camera up here. His pictures will explain our weekend that much better :)

  2. I love to pic where freeland is picking/pointing at the mural nose and david is bent backward laughing. Great shot :)