Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas 2007 with the Ackley's

I was just looking through my post & realized for some reason this one never posted.. so here it is. I figured its perfect timing b/c I also realized that all of our post have been uber-dramatic lately from the dogs fiasco to Freeland getting stuck at the airport.. etc. My apologies, we really arent that dramatic of people!

Its been officially Christmas at our house for a while now. As you saw in my other post we got the tree up and started decorating. I love having the house decorated. I wish that people would let me keep these decorations out all year! In college I did, but Meier loved Christmas as much as I did so it was okay. I don't think Freeland would go for having the tree up all year now. Lets pray we don't come home one day to the tree being down from the kitten playing in it. She likes to see if she can walk on the branches. Yikes!

So, one afternoon right after Thanksgiving we ran out to return some things and do a little shopping and before we knew it - we had all of our Christmas shopping done!! No joke, 100% done! I don't know how it happened.. I like to be organized and everything .. but lets be honest.. I'm not that organized of a person and I'm never this on top of things! It feels great to have it all done! It was so much fun to get back to the house, turn on Christmas movies, and take everything out and wrap presents all afternoon.

Freeland grew up with his mom wrapping gifts with beautiful wrapping paper and putting the most extravagant bows on all of them. Every Christmas he talks about how his mom wraps gifts and how he thinks its great. I have witnessed these gifts over the years and knew I had a lot to live up to! Before I was just a "put it in a bag" type of gift wrapper. I'm really not that good at wrapping. Well, this year we started that tradition for our family.. I was a little nervous and I don't think they turned out 1/2 as great as hers are - I had a few "ahhh" moments pulling and tugging the ribbon.. but it was my first time.. so that's my excuse. Freeland wrapped while I tied bows. It was a team effort and we both had a lot of fun. It makes giving the gifts to people a lot more fun this way! I recommend it to everyone

Its a great feeling knowing that the gifts are done! Its nice not having a bare-bottom tree and the best part was it wasn't planned.. so it wasn't stressful. Our first Christmas as newlyweds has had a great start. I love that Freeland makes the little things in life fun and exciting for me.. and that I have a husband that will not only go shopping with me but also help wrap the gifts! (Oh .. I should just go ahead and let everyone know.. I super stink at the actual wrapping of gifts.. he does a much better job and is always the one to do it)

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