Thursday, December 13, 2007

caroline & kevin reed's wedding

I know you have all been dying to see the pictures! :) Sorry it took me so long to post them. The wedding was at The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It was beautiful. I was excited to finally see it because Ive always heard so much about this place. They were married with the mountains right behind them.. totally romantic! Caroline looked stunning! Freeland and I were so thankful we were able to go and that we were able to be apart of their wedding! I had to use my other camera because we thought Freeland's would be too much during the wedding. So these are the best pictures I was able to get:

Here is Kevin.. awaiting the bride:

The bridesmaids (lindsey & cam) waiting for the brideThe Bride! She looks stunning!The bagpipes were played as she walked down the aisle and when they left.. it was very romantic
I don't really know Kevin very well since they started dating after she moved to Colorado.. but you could tell how in love he was with Caroline and it was precious! It seems like he has a huge heart and is very sensitive towards her! I also loved getting to see her family again! Caroline has the sweetest mom & dad ever... and meeting her extended family was a blast too. We also finally got to see Camille again! (adam was there in spirit) It made our night! We always have so much fun with her.. she is a very "refreshing" person to be around - so if you aren't around her.. start being around her. You will feel refreshed. :) This was us after crying through the video with Kevin's grandpa and all the toast that were so precious:

Their wedding was also our first wedding to go to since ours. Freeland kept saying "its okay Brooke.. when we go.. you are allowed to feel however you want to feel." I think he was afraid I would either be depressed and want to do ours again or the extreme opposite. Which I don't even know what that looks like.. I imagine the type that critiques everything about everyone else's wedding the whole time and never shuts up about it until they have said their opinion on every last detail. Thankfully I wasn't either of those. It was actually really nice - I never once felt sad that ours was over.. (except I did say "man their grandpa should have toasted at our wedding - he brought everyone to tears!) and I never felt like "jeez, I'm glad we are done with our wedding" either. So it was a great 'first wedding' Im so happy for both of them!

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  1. Y'all refresh me too!
    Like a ice cold Sonic Limeade.

    Incidentally, there are no Sonics in Erie. I hope thats not a dealbreaker.