Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baylor Graduation ..

We now have a masters degree in the family! This weekend Freeland officially became a Baylor graduate twice over. He is now a Master in Chemistry & Bio-Chemistry! I'm so proud of him! Did I ever tell yall the title of his thesis? It was:
"Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Di-Nitrogen Derivatives of Combretastatin and Novel Cruzain Inhibiting Compounds for Treatment of Chagas Disease"
Good Gosh! I dont know what it means either, dont worry! His mom & carl came in town to see him graduate & my brother even made the trip down to celebrate with us also. It was a blast having everyone there. Rather than try to beat all the crowds at lunch we made lunch at our house. It was so nice to just be home with family and enjoy ourselves, relax, and celebrate all that Freeland has accomplished the last 2 years. Here are some pictures:

Below are all the people who were graduating with a masters standing as Baylor recognized all they had done and what it takes to earn a masters degree at Baylor. (Freeland was the only one with a master's degree in Chemistry & Bio-Chemistry.. so it was exciting!)Freeland hugging Dr. O'Brien as he walked across the stage. It was a very sweet moment because Dr. O'Brien has been such a huge blessing to Freeland while he has been at BaylorHere is Steven Curtis Chapman giving the benedictionAll the people on the stage singing "that good 'ol baylor line" at the end. I thought it was kinda cute to see them all do a sic 'em. Introducing Baylor University's Graduating class of 2007 Freeland's mom & carl afterwards at our house. Sadly, Freeland wasn't in his cap & gown anymore so we did the best we could

I keep telling Freeland that I'm going to have to frame my Tri-Delt acceptance letter or our kids (Surprise! just kidding .. when we have them) birth certificates or something just to keep up with all his diploma's he is going to have on the wall. I really am so proud of him and so thankful for these last 2 years. Although I'm not going to lie, there are moments where Freeland goes back & forth and doesn't know why he ended up doing grad school.. but we both know that it is what he was supposed to do.

During the last 2 years he has grown tremendously and learned so many valuable things he will use the rest of his life. From all the practical things he learned in classes to all the other things like how to study more efficiently, how to balance life, school, studying, a relationship, etc. and how to deal with the "politics" that just happen no matter where you are & make the best of every situation. (to name a few) We cant imagine where we would both be today if he hadn't ended up deciding to get his masters.

But now this chapter is over and were on to the next. Its very exciting & I cant wait to see where we end up! Sic Em.

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