Saturday, December 8, 2007

all jacked up on mountain dew

Yes.. I am blogging on a Saturday night. Why? Because I am sitting at home bummed and sick. Tonight is one of our branches Christmas parties and I am devastated to not be there. I just couldn't go knowing that I would probably get someone else sick. I don't think with 102 temperature my doctor would recommend it.

So I was making an attempt to clean the bathroom since the trash can was overflowing with Kleenex and while doing so realized that in LESS than a week Freeland & I have finished the following bottles of medicine:

  • a full bottle of DayQuil
  • not 1 but 2 bottles of Dimetapp*
  • a full bottle of Robitussin
  • and NyQuil

And were working on a few other ones in addition to the medicine he was prescribed. I don't think I have ever finished medicine so quickly before in my life. While I am glad we wont have 1000+ random cold/cough/sinus medicines in our bathroom closet.. I don't think its normal to go through that much in such a little time.

*yes Dimetapp is a children's medicine.. I didn't realize it at first because I just had the bottle of it and was trying everything we had to feel better. It wasn't until we went to buy more after running out that I realized it was children's medicine! It proved to be one of the most effective for us so why stop something that works. crazy.

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