Friday, November 9, 2007

Today is a sad day for me .. our wedding website is expiring. I wanted to renew it but really we have no reason to at this point. I don't do anything with the website & people don't need hotel information or directions anymore. So I am sucking it up and letting it expire. Especially because I have the blog now. BUT don't worry I am ordering a CD copy of it so I can always have it. (if you want to ever view it because you miss having our website online .. just let me know! :) I want to keep a copy of everyone's sweet comments, Freeland's adorable engagement story, and everything else.. so that's why I opted to order the CD of it. By the way - if anyone is looking to make a website for a wedding, baby, or anything else.. I loved the company we did ours through. If you are a member of 'the knot' or any of those sites you get 50% off also. The company is wedding tracker. Its easy and affordable. You get your own domain name & they have great layouts. Okay so make sure you view our website while it last:

For kicks: Here is one of our engagement pictures I dont think anyone ever saw. Freeland was picking me up (a.k.a. 'flirting' with me.. ) and Nam got a pretty cute picture of it.

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