Monday, November 26, 2007

oh what a week

Well, I had to go back to work today. Don't get me wrong, I love my job.. but its never fun going back after a vacation... especially when its a holiday. The last week has been so much fun. I never imagined it would be as great as it was.

First, I worked from home for the most part. So it felt like more of a vacation than it was to begin with. Then we spent the rest of the week getting ready for the holidays. (once I was done working of course) We were able to spend so much time together just relaxing, watching Christmas movies, shopping, cooking, drinking wine & eating cheese, sitting by our fire, spending time with family & friends and enjoying every minute of everything!

Zach & Vanessa stayed with us over the break also! It was so much fun to have guest at our casa. Vanessa's roomies were still out of town so thats why she bunked with us. We love having them over! (Side note: I always told Zach while Freeland and I were dating that I wanted him to live with us when we were married.. so it felt like that kinda happened) They even made us breakfast one morning before we got out of bed! Can you believe that? We love them and are super excited for them to be married.

Here are a few pictures to recap the last week.. our first thanksgiving break and our best holiday so far..

This is Ed watching me bake while Freeland & Stephen were at the ranch with Landon. Here is Z&V... our roomies for the break! What better way to celebrate/relax than enjoy fondue & watch footballThis is us getting ready for the holidays. First step, get the animals ready:Second step, get the tree out. Then we started to decorate: (yes, the pets have stockings) More on the tree to come later.. but that's just a quick overview of what our week looked like. I wish everyday was that great. We will always have great memories of our first Thanksgiving break together. For now its back to reality ... until Christmas break! We did end up putting the tree out before Thanksgiving but we waited to decorate it until after. Hope you all had just as great of a week as we did.


  1. Whoa your house looks so cute! You're such a little Martha!

  2. Whoa your house looks so cute! You're such a little Martha!

  3. your decorations look so cute...I love the house!