Sunday, November 4, 2007

We are off to Dallas to celebrate my brother, my aunt's and my cousin's birthday... we are really excited because we haven't seen any of our family since the wedding! And because if we didnt go we wouldnt see them until Christmas - (its my first thanksgiving away from home this year!) I hate that its a quick trip there & back in 1 day .. but Im glad we are able to go and see everyone. On a side note: it going to be so strange the first time we go & stay the night at our families house and actually get to sleep in the same room!! Thats crazy! (is that more than blog readers want to know??) But last night it was funny because I was talking to my mom & figuring out what she wanted us to do because we are giving her my old bed back. Freeland kept saying "ask if she will just trade us for the bed that is there.. " (the day bed.. that I will note is a twin bed) so we were going back & forth (mostly joking) when she said "tell him Im only taking that bed so that yall dont have to share a twin bed when you come to visit" and a light went off - Freeland realized for the first time, we dont have to sleep in separate rooms when we go to Dallas anymore! It was one of those funny little 'just married' moments. Happy Sunday.

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