Thursday, November 1, 2007


I cannot even begin to explain the jollies of last night as we watched swarms of kids line up for candy down our yard & around our neighborhood. I don't think I have ever seen Freeland so excited before in my life! He was the biggest 'kid' out there.

So background to the holiday: We love Halloween and 100% fully celebrate it. We are big on trying to start traditions with our 'family'. I always want to have traditions that we can raise our kids looking forward to. So Halloween so far has become: carving pumpkins, watching the Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, eating everything we can think of that has pumpkin (nutmeg) flavor to it, recording all of the food network specials, and buying tons of candy to hand out to all the little adorable kids everywhere! Next year we will also include buying costumes for the pets - but we couldn't find any large enough this year! I remember growing up and having neighborhood block parties with everyone and then all of the kids all went house to house together! Every house participated in Halloween... we never had anyone that rudely just turned their lights off so we wouldn't come by. OH and we used pillow cases as bags!! That was key! Kids don't do that anymore these days. I was a lady bug once and a Baylor cheerleader another year! My brother was spud mckenzie and he even went as a California raisin another time! So because Halloween was always centered around family, food, fun, and friends - and I love it!!
Thankfully Freeland loves it just as much .. actually probably more! So last year we were excited because it was our first Halloween that we expected kids to come by.. little did we know that the whole city of Waco would end up coming by! Within an hour of handing out candy we were completely out and had to make an emergency run to get more and still ran out! So this year, we came prepared! Freeland spent an un-godly amount of money to make sure there weren't any kids crying when they came to our house like last year! Our neighbors (the amazing cooks that you always hear about) started the evening with a "pot luck" dinner (that included some amazing sangria!) Then at about 6:00 kids started slowly trickling in and before we knew it by 7:00 there were lines down the yard of the most adorable spidermen, lady bugs, snow whites and pumpkins!
I have to add in that Freeland & I just happen to live on a street where its rumored that 'they hand out full candy bars & money'.. little do the kids know that we live waaaay down the street for those 'people' who may or may not hand out that kind of craziness! So they still stop by our house thinking maybe, just maybe, we will give them more than they have ever seen before in their lives. Sadly, we aren't those people!! But I'm still so glad that they all come. Its one of our favorite holidays now to celebrate! Here are some pictures we took from the night. Kevin, Jane & Jason all came over to join in:
Oh and one of my favorite parts of the Halloween holiday festivities is that .. it only means Christmas is getting even closer!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My wife and I don't have any kids yet, but we spent Halloween with friends who do and MAN are some of those kids cute to watch trick-or-treating. Especially our favorite little 18 monther in her Lady Bug costume.

    (FYI: found your blog through Texas Bloggers at NaBloPoMo)

  2. where is your day 2? i'm jealous of all the trick or treaters! next year we're coming to your house darnitt