Sunday, November 11, 2007

Real or Fake? That is the question...

Well after finally talking Freeland into getting a fake tree. Which P.S. he was 100% against until I went on & on about the amount of money you save over the years, benefits of being able to make it look full, not watering it all the time, etc. So, after church today we went to the store & picked her out. I agree its nicer to have the real one & more fun to pick it out every year.. but I'm a stickler for 'the better deal in the long run'.. so thats why I favored the fake tree. (boring, I know)

So we have the tree.. but do we put it up before Thanksgiving? we have gone back and forth trying to decide when we should put it up. If it were my choice - it would have been up before Halloween. :) But, I was trying really hard to not completely skip Thanksgiving this year... Also, we weren't putting the tree out yet because were hosting a shower this weekend & thought it may be too much to have it out already... that was until "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" came on TV last night! How could you not get out the tree while that is on?!?!! So - we got her out, turned on the Christmas music, ordered dinner, and started decorating.

UNTIL we plugged in the lights! They don't work! So after checking all the fuses and lights & it still not working .. we took it all down and have to take back the tree. Long story short - we will be getting a real tree this year! :)

*No I didnt take the picture. She did... and I wish I did.. I love it.


  1. That picture is so cool. B, celebrate the two together: Christhanksmasgiving

  2. I am in total support of decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving! If you want until afterwards, you barely have a month to enjoy everything! To decorate or not to decorate was the subject of my blog yesterday too-how funny!