Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree...

One of my most favorite things about staying in Waco after we graduated from Baylor is that we still get to enjoy all of our favorite activites that Baylor does. (like homecoming, sing, etc.) But probably my most favorite, favorite, favorite memory and thing to do while I was at Baylor was Christmas on 5th street! And its one of the reasons why I love that we are still in Waco.. we still get to go every year! Honestly, I am saying "we" love it but its really "I" love it and Freeland humors me by getting really excited about it also since he knows it I love it so much!

What is Christmas on 5th Street you ask? Well, its the anual Christmas tree lighting in the middle of campus that KOT does! They have a live nativity, 'petting zoo' for kids, pictures with Santa, a walk through winterland, carriage rides, hot coco & cider, and a free concert!! Could it get any better? In college the bands that came and played as the tree was lit were Shane & Shane, Dave Barns, Matt Wertz... you get the idea. I loved them all! This year.. guess who KOT has lined up to perform?? Chris Rice & (drum roll...) Clay Walker!! Is it just me or does that seem like a pretty big deal? Im not even a big honky tonk/country music kinda girl.. but its still exciting. I mean - he has platinum records hanging in his house?! So I am really excited about this years Christmas Tree Lighting! November 29th - be there!! Oh another fact about Clay Walker that I learned: He went public his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1996.. and formed BAMS, Band Against MS, to raise mony for MS research and programs! Way to go you!

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