Friday, November 30, 2007

My Last NaBloPoMo Post

Im sitting in Europa right now. Its the cutest little cafe and I couldn't be happier. Its me, freeland, david blankenship, and amy yablonski. What a perfect morning. Sitting, drinking coffee, eating homemade breakfast, talking, and having the laptop open. Could this please be my life everyday?! It almost feels like the same life I had in college. I deeply miss it now.

Freeland and I are having such a great time. We love it in Denver. I don't have my camera cord to upload any pictures so hold on peoples.. don't give up on me. I will have pictures soon.
I had to take a break from our breakfast so I could make sure to post. Today is the last day of Nablopomo and if I missed the last day.. that would be sad. Its been a fun run while it lasted. I enjoyed blogging daily and reading the other people's blogs that also did Nablopomo.. well, Camille's atleast!
Okay, Im off to eat my breakfast...

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