Monday, November 19, 2007

If you sell it - they will come.

So the garage sale was a hit! I was so thankful because I was really afraid that it wouldn't be worth it in the end and for the last year we were storing all this stuff for no reason. Boy was I wrong! I never would have thought that you could make so much money in just 6 hours from things you are ready to throw away. It was great! We are both incredibly thankful for our families. They came in town to help us and worked hard the entire time. We couldn't have done it without their help!

My thoughts before the garage sale:
1. Will people even want our junk?
2. What if nobody comes since we don't have "big" items like furniture or a lawn mower
3. We will probably only make $150-200
4. If that's all we make - is the work it takes to put this together worth it? Or are we going to regret it.
5. Were going to end up giving this all away at the end of the day.

My thoughts after the garage sale:
1. Apparently, people don't care what it is - they want it
2. People are crazy! They start lining up at 5:45am to see everything
3. The things you would think will sell first, don't. Its the small junkie things that went first.
4. You can actually make a TON of money from junk.
5. It was 100% worth the effort to do the garage sale!
6. We sold every single thing that we had out there.. literally, every single thing was gone by 1:00
7. Everyone should do a garage sale!

A few pointers that we learned for those who are thinking "maybe we should sell all of the clutter in our house":

  • Do it. Its worth it.

  • Even if you think it wont sell - it will

  • Make sure to get cash & change before it starts!

  • Talk to everyone that comes by. The more you talk to them, the more they like you and trust you, and then the more they buy from you

  • Be ready BEFORE the sun rises.. people start showing up & are ready to buy.

  • Price right! Don't price too high or too low.

  • Ask neighbors and friends if they want to sell anything also. The more variety you have - the more likely people are to come.

  • Place an ad online & in the paper.

  • Location! Location! Location! -> I think the location helps.

  • Don't worry about everything being organized. Place it all out & people will look through it all or ask if they are looking for something particular

  • Talk to the kids - see what they want. Their parents will end up buying it for them.

*I forgot to mention that it even rained on & off during the morning and people still came. I'm not joking. These people are crazy when it comes to shopping in yards & garages on Saturday morning.

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