Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Gourmet Next Door

You probably thought I was talking about myself (sike) .. or the incredible chefs that literally do live next door to Freeland & me.. but Im not.. Im talking about Amy Finley. First, lets back that train up and explain: I am very addicted to the Food Network. Its the one thing I could leave on all day! There are only 2 different shows that I don't really care for, but I wont get into those right now. One of the shows I do like is "The Next Food Network Star." I think I like it so much because I secretly wish it was me on there. (maybe one day?! Doubt it) Well this year was the 3rd season and my favorite. Amy Finley was the winner! (after a close call where she almost quit) Thankfully, she didn't and now look where she is! She has her own stinking show on the Food Network! I was livid when I saw her almost quit - I knew she was the most talented and likely to win.. so I was so excited when she did!

Well, during my usual weekend routine of cleaning with the Food Network on in the background I heard "Hi, I'm the Gourmet Next Door..." I jumped in excitement and ran to the TV. I was excited to see how she would do as a host of her own show. I must say I was surprised! She is even better than she was during the contest! So, if you haven't watched her show - check it out because she is great. Her whole show is based around the idea of how to turn your everyday meals into gourmet feasts! Make sure to watch for her!

Now, back to packing for COLORADO!!!!!
PS- Can you believe its the 27th? Only 4 more days left in NaBloPoMo! Crazy talk.

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