Saturday, November 3, 2007

bloom where you are planted... or something like that

Sooo .. as newlyweds what we tend to do with our spare time is work on our house. Not only because we are setting up our new home together as a married couple but also because we are selling our home! We have really grown to love it here and I'm sad that one day (soon) we will have to move, but med school is a calling! Doing all the work is great because it gives us an opportunity to work on our marriage also! Its funny because - our hearts are completely into this house & there are so many times that we both have different ideas or thoughts on a project and so out of nowhere we become uber-sensitive about everything! Example A: the flower bed! We spent waay too much time discussing how we thought everything should look & where it should be planted. We kept going back and forth saying "okay, Im not saying we have to do it this way, but what do you think about this" or "that looks fine, but what about this also?" which at moments turned into "fine, just do it how you want to do it"... so in summary, we learn a lot about each other by working on the house! We feel like its great marriage counseling.
So here are a few pictures from one of our recent updates. We did some work on the front of the house. (curb appeal) I love how it turned out & hopefully the new home owners will enjoy/appreciate it also! They are all perennials, so they will come back every year... and even bigger & better than the last.. and they are all low maintenance! (again, youre welcome future home owners) We have a ton of pictures of all the other updates we have done .. so stay tuned! Freeland and Kevin White just spent the whole day prepping the house to be painted outside!! I cant wait - Im so excited. So here is our flower bed.. this is before when we got home & tried to figure out where to put it all:
maddie & oliver love sitting out in the truck while we work outside.. its pretty cute

and here is the final product:

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