Friday, November 2, 2007


Okay, no its not that we got a new cat.. this time its for real! First of all, Freeland finished his thesis defense & now has a masters degree added to his name!!!!

As you know, the defense was this morning at 7:00. He did an incredible job. A little over 20 people came to see him defend.. Which isn't normal (especially for 7:00 in the morning). It was very encouraging & special to see everyone there to support him. We knew they would allow him to graduate .. How could they not with 2 publications & a patent?? But still, you never know & its nerve wrecking getting in front of your committee to present everything you have done during your research and answer any question they can think of to make you 'stumble'. We're really excited that its all over and done with and he has a masters degree now!!

***ALSO… For those who don’t know, which is all of you with the exception of my brother, Jason, because I talked to him right after I found out & just couldn't hold it in. Freeland found out this week that he has a med school interview!!!!!!! Its for the medical school in Eerie PA. (where our really good friends Adam & Camille are) We are really excited! If we had to go out of state we would love to go there! His interview is scheduled for December. (right before graduation). I will keep you posted as things progress! We are going to celebrate the great week though!!!

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