Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So through my bloggy blog world and love of finding new blogs that inspire creativity and art.. I discovered that November is National Blog Posting Month! (also known as "Nablopomo") Who knew? So I have decided to participate! What does that mean you ask? All it means is that I will post 30 days in a row during November. Im told its "harder" than it seems.. so I figure why not "take the challenge". I do tell Freeland all the time that I love reading other peoples blogs who post things that inspire them or that they find interesting .. because I discover all new things that I never knew existed and/or I am also inspired by it... so maybe this will be my opportunity to now do the same?? Now that the wedding planning is over - I should find something that Im passionate about to post in addition to the day to day things Freeland & are doing! So - now I just have to figure out what I am passionate about.. well which of the 1000+ Im passionate about that I feel is blog worthy to write about!


  1. A post every day? That's going to be tough... I don't know if I can do it, but I believe you can! :)

  2. found your site through nablopomo. good luck in november!