Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

So ... its ironic on my post about our 1 month anniversary that I wrote we aren't really all that busy .. because right after that we became very busy. Its only temporary and will end this week, but I just wanted to apologize to all my "loyal" blog readers for not posting. (all 2 of you :)

Freeland finishes his masters this Friday!!!! (in chemistry and biochemistry) He will defend his thesis for the committee in the morning and then be done and have another diploma to put on the wall!! I would love to tell you the title of his thesis but I don't think I could even attempt to spell any of it right! I guess technically he wont have the diploma until he walks at graduation in December, but you know what I mean.. he is done! I'm very proud of him! He has worked really hard and grown a ton over the last few years in graduate school. Did I mention that he will be finishing with 2 publications & a patent under his belt!!! That's huge! And he did all that in just 2 years! I'm amazed he was able to accomplish & grow so much in that little of time. I have to give him props because not only does he work incredibly hard at everything he does ... he also does an an amazing job of balancing everything else at the same time! I never once felt like he was "always at school" or "always busy working on his thesis" and that's not because I'm the most understanding and thoughtful person in the world... because I'm not .. its because he always makes sure to put us before anything & everything else. He is really good at that - and I love him for it! So that is what has kept Freeland busy the last 2 weeks... I will post more about how the defense goes on Friday

And as for me, I have just been busy at work. Not only is it the end of the month but we also just happen to be hiring 12 people all at once! So its been a little crazy .. but I like staying busy and I really don't mind it when its crazy! Even though Free & I have been busy it still hasn't been that bad. We get up early and then we work together at night! Its kind of fun! And .... I was actually able to make him dinner one night this week! That sounds crazy I'm sure! I will post about that later & explain what I'm talking about. Just know, it was an exciting moment for me!

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  1. Whoa, go freeland! Two publications, one patent, and a thesis sounds very scholarly!!! B, so good to talk to you today my love!!!