Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Oliver & Dixie

Every year, for those who don't know, we celebrate our dogs birthdays! We make them a cake (that's edible for dogs) and invite over our friends dogs to celebrate with us .. I know, maybe were crazy but its something we both enjoy doing. And the Dogs obviously love it.

Since Oliver's birthday got lost in the mix of wedding stuff we just celebrated it this past weekend. It worked out to also be Dixie's (Matt & Katie's dog) birthday also! And to top it off Landon was in town! It was a true birthday partttay!

Oliver turned 3 this year. We tried to get "dog beer" for him since in doggy years it was his 21st birthday .. but we thought about it too late. Oh and yes, it does actually exists! Dixie turned 6. It was a lot of fun .. the dogs made a huge mess, but they were good to lick it up! Hopefully one of these days Powers will be close again so he can come! Enjoy the pictures!

making the cake

matt, freeland, landon and katie eagerly waiting to celebrate

holding back oliver until were done singing. He was ready to dig in

all the dogs enjoying the cake

dixie.. the birthday girl

they tore it apart.. but were still ready to lick the plate:

Happy Birthday Puppies.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dogs! So that means Lizzie (Oliver's sister) celebrated her 3rd birthday too, and we totally missed it...

  2. cute pics! the dogs def. LOVED the cake!!

  3. I love it! We have a dog named Zeus who is like our baby. We always talk about having a birthday party for him (his is May 20th, but it hasn't happened yet. One of these years we are going to though!

    Yay for canine kids!