Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We are man & wife

We are married now!!! Its crazy being home and living with a boy! We are loving every moment of it. Soo - I have been secretly avoiding posting a new blog because I'm still trying to pretend were on our honeymoon and not in the real world. Sadly, i cant do that forever - so back to reality .. and blogging! I don't really know where to start but I will say that Freeland and I had such an amazing time at the wedding and our honeymoon was perfect. (it didn't rain once for those who were worried!:) We were so overwhelmed by everyone who came to the wedding and celebrated with us. I know everyone always says that but when you are in that moment you truly cannot believe that everyone would drive so far and take time out of their lives to celebrate 2 becoming 1 with you. We had soo much fun and it went by way too fast! I wish we had more time with all of our friends. I asked if we could do it again this weekend, but Freeland said probably not! Once things get a little more settled and we are able to catch up on a few things I will post more about all the details and happenings of that weekend, our honeymoon... and all the crazy stories that took place also! but until then - just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who came in and made it the most special time in our life. I loved having everyone of our friends and family together!! We feel like the most blessed couple in the world and could never begin to express how thankful we are for everyone who helped us and shared in our excitment! love you guys - B&F

Here is a preview of the many pictures we will post soon.. this is our small wedding party:


  1. Oh my gosh, look at y'all cuties. married heads. we love y'all!

  2. Wow! You look beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics! Glad everything went well!

  3. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful! I found your blog through the Williams' (Grant&Sarah) and immediately connected because I just got married in April. I just have to ask - your bridesmaids dresses look like the ones I used. Did you get them from J.Crew? Ours were chocolate but look very similar!