Monday, October 8, 2007

Getting Settled

Well - we have been married for 2 weeks now! Our first week home together was perfect and so much fun! The only hard part so far was having to go back to work! All I wanted to do was stay home and get to relax and play with all of our new gifts! But I guess there is a little thing called reality for a reason! Things are starting to feel more settled. It took about 3 days to get things clean enough to be able to walk around and not step on boxes, wrapping paper, or packing bubbles... and after about a week we have finally made our way through almost everything else! The hardest part is that we are trying to get rid of all the things we dont need/want as we put all of our new things away - so its taking longer than it normally would. But we feel like the time is worth it though because when we move in a year then it will make packing that much easier!! And it also makes me very happy getting rid of all the "clutter" and junk that we didn't need!

We've also had a blast using all of our new appliances and everything else. Freeland's favorites so far are: the calphalon pots & pans, the espresso machine, and the bread machine. We also LOVE our plates and having all matching dishes, platters, and glasses! We cant wait to have even more people over and use it all!!!! Fondue anyone?? Okay - I should get back to cleaning out the closest.. but for all our "eager readers" out there - I had to update you! Soon I will get all of our pictures organized and post those!

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