Monday, October 15, 2007

5 days later ...

Preface: I am so sorry!! Originally when I posted my last comment it was because we had made an official decision & I was uploading my pictures so I could post the blog.. little did I know I would walk away from the computer - and not return for over 5 days! SO after many emails, phone calls, and comments .. I apologize for leaving all of our loyal friends & blog readers waiting! :) Especially because many of you were probably thinking our big news was bigger than it actually may be! (my bad) So .. to clear the air .. I'm not pregnant, but we do have a new addition to the family .. and no its not mine .. its Madelyn's! Confusing?? Maybe - but here is the story:

So 2 weeks before the wedding we found this hiding in our backyard:
She was only 3 weeks old and had no food. So our options were to either leave her be.. and know that she probably wouldn’t make it .. or feed her, and know that she would probably stay. Freeland wanted to give her food and I told him if he fed her – she would always stay at our house. He decided it was okay.. and we couldn't just leave her with no food & no family. So we caved in and fed her:
It was adorable because she was so hungry that she would shove her whole face into the food & water! Then the next day we looked in the backyard to find her sleeping on top of Oliver and then playing with Madelyn. We were stunned that something smaller than their paws wasn’t afraid of them. It seemed like she loved having them to play with…. So we just figured okay “if she stays” then she will just be an outside cat. BUT we forgot that our vet was coming by the house during our wedding. Right when we saw him .. he "confronted" us. Here was our conversation:

The Vet: “I saw what you are doing”
Us: “What do you mean”
The Vet: “What you are trying to hide in your backyard”
Freeland: “oh Brooke did that .. it was all her idea”
Brooke: “WHAT?! That was Freeland”
Freeland: “Okay, it was me.”
The Vet: “Regardless – I think you are going to want to bring her by after you get back from the honeymoon”

So that’s what we did. I got a phone call after an hour long visit with the vet. (Worried that something was in fact wrong with her) It was Freeland saying “she is 100% healthy and happy and I think we should bring her in.” I should have known that during the 15 minute ride to and from the vet and the whole visit Freeland fall in love her… How could you not love something that snuggles on your lap like that. So I said okay since I too am a sucker for kittens.. but on one condition: the other animals had to be okay with her.

So we brought her in.. We knew that she already loved Madelyn & Oliver so it was really if Eddie was okay sharing the house with her. At first she just tip toed around very carefully and then found a box to hide under while she figured out where she was & what Eddie was going to do:

Then before we knew it they were rolling around and playing together! It was adorable! But - we still weren't sure if it was going to work... UNTIL later that night: We were getting ready to go to sleep and had her in bed with us.. we decided we would go ahead and let Maddie & Oliver in. We had no idea what we were about to see. I don't think you would believe it if I didn't have the pictures to prove it! When the kitten & Madelyn saw each other they started going crazy. Freeland and I were so confused. We knew they liked each other outside and couldn't figure out why they were going crazy when they were inside. So we just let Madelyn come to the side of the bed and smell her and right before our very own eyes she started licking & cleaning kitten .. just like a mom would! It was precious! They were besties right away! Im not joking, the kitten even tried to get milk from Madelyn! Its crazy.. but they do love each other. So - that is the moment when we knew that we were going to have to keep the kitten.

So that's our big news! Call us Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.. because we have adopted again! Except they adopt kids.. and we adopt animals ... and Madelyn has a new baby! :) Her name is now Sam, short for Samantha. She still thinks Madelyn is her mom. Eddie & Sam play and run around all the time... its pretty stinkin cute! Here is a picture of Sam trying milk from Madelyn .. and please note that Madelyn is letting her do it!! Dont worry - we taught her that she isnt supposed to do that :)Again, sorry for the "big new announcement" and then leaving everyone wondering for 5 days! Oh and dont worry - Freeland also called me last week and said "Do you want to get a shitzu puppy? I found one in the newspaper." (since he knows I love them) We quickly agreed that we dont need to adopt another animal! He's sweet to even be willing though!


  1. oh, b. i would be so mad at you if that kitten wasn't so stinking cute. You better be glad you did have a good story!!!

  2. Cute kittie!! Looks like you have a full house now :-)

  3. Your newest addition is precious!!! Miss you!!!