Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why I, Freeland, am the Luckiest Man Alive!!

I don't blog often, in fact, never may be a much better description of my efforts with this little thing here, but I wanted to just tell you all why I am the luckiest man, groom, person alive today on planet Earth. So what better excuse to sit here and ramble than to tell you how lucky I am.
I have been blessed with the greatest fiancé in the entire world. She often tries to brag on me, probably just for positive reinforcement so that my good behavior will one day out weigh my bad, but either way you all never really know how amazing she is and rarely get to hear about how hard she works. Brooke has slaved tirelessly on this wedding for almost a year now and I think it is time she received the credit that is due her.
Brooke has in no way ever been a bride-zilla, bride-nazi or anything of that sort. In fact, Brooke often is so sweet that she will have worked all day on one crazy idea of how to make our wedding the best ever and then will figure out that maybe it’s not too practical and with a smile she was just keep going and move on…where I on the other hand would pout and act like a two year old child, b/c as you all know I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and let the least little things upset me.
Brooke some nights will not go to bed until 2 am just working on small details of the wedding so that the day of will run as smooth as possible. Brooke didn’t want to make her bridesmaids have to pay too much for dresses they would wear once so with a discount from Allie, she was able to make them all affordable and actually nice looking, i.e. reusable. My fiancĂ© has thought out every detail of this wedding in her mind day in and day out, yet it has not changed her in the slightest. Daily she still finds time to ask me how my day was, support me when I feel rejected and even still offer to cook dinner while cleaning the house…I’m telling you she is utterly amazing.
Brooke has also managed all of this so well, not only in a timely fashion, but also in a financially sound one. We are on a budget needless to say and I have never seen Brooke even one time complain about our lack. She has found loopholes and ways around what to most would see as impossible. Like how do you get a designer dress that you have found that you look absolutely beautiful in but can in no way afford???? To me and to others it would be to ask for more money, but Brooke just got on the Internet and found a girl trying to sell the exact dress that was her exact size.
The reason I am writing this is not only to brag, lift up and tell you all how wonderful Brooke is, but also to tell all the single people in the world not to settle on second best. There is perfection out there and setting your sights high and out of your league, if you will, does work. I am proof that God does give amazing gifts to His children, gifts we do not deserve nor could ever earn. I am so far out of my league with Brooke it is ridiculous, yet everyday, I am affirmed of her love and know that God has given me the greatest gift of my entire life in Brooklyn.

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